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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a diehard New York Red Bulls fan. And just the same, anyone who knows me knows I’d love to see us return to our Metro identity. I didn’t want to be lazy and just re-use my fantasy team logo; I tried design after design after design… but I came up with nothing. After getting frustrated, I decided to re-visit this concept, and after making some adjustments, I feel like it really could be a strong logo for a rebrand (re-rebrand?) to Metro FC.

At first, it might look simple, but I wanted it to be simple; no words, no illustrations. Like Napoli’s badge, but with more symbolism in it. The pentagon shape is a reference to the five boroughs of New York City, something most people would probably pick up on quickly. The old-school-soccer-ball watermark in the background, though, when isolated on its own, serves as a great mark that says “New York” and “soccer”. But the thing about Metro is, it’s not just for New Yorkers. NYCFC exists to put emphasis on New York City, so to counter that, I think Metro’s identity should go beyond just NYC and market to a broader spectrum of fans. It should be for everyone in the metro area, just like the old days of the MetroStars when the team was listed on the scoreboard as “NY/NJ”. The three middle sections of the pentagon ball serve as a nice reference to the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut tri-state area, and how fans from all those regions can come together and support one team. When you separate the three middle sections of the mark by coloring in red and black, not only do they stand out more, but they also give a nod to the stripes from the kit as well.

The other ‘M’ mark is intended as a reference to the MTA’s famous route logos. I thought it would make a good alternative for whenever the pentagon ball would be too vague, or whenever a more professional/mature look would be required, such as on club stationery or on merchandise for older fans.

I’m really happy with how it came out, and I hope other NYRB fans are just as pleased. Maybe some day we’ll see it realized.


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